The best shooting experience for you and your friends!

In todays world people (especially men) don´t have enough of adrenaline. They work in the office and do the same habits every single day. That is why so many of them try adrenaline sports. It is logic, that if you work nine to five every work day, you need a change. At least on the weekend it is great to do something different and more exciting.

There are a lot of options of adrenalin sports, which you can try. Don’t be scared and try more than just one or two!

gun with charges

The first one we have to recommend is ice climbing or climbing in general. This sport is very old and has it´s own long history. But it actually may be dangerous, so you should be prepared. We definitely recommend to practise in climbing centre first. You should learn how to climb and also build some muscles first. You also need special equipment and some advanced instructor to go with you.

Climbing can be expensive and it takes some time to prepare for the actual trip to the mountains. So, if you want to try something now and you don´t want to practise and spend a lot of money, we have a better option!


The cheaper and for impatiens people better option is shooting. Go to Prague gun range and you will experience something unforgettable! This sport available for everyone. There a lot of various packages from which you can choose according to your shooting level and your preferences. You can choose for an example “Call of duty” or “Dirty Harry”. When you choose “Call of duty” you will feel like an action hero with the amazing guns they offer. If you want to take your friends whit you, it will be only cheaper and more fun for all of you!

Outback Prague offers a lot of diverse guns and the provide shooting with a professional instructor, who will teach you everything. Believe me, you will remember this experience for a lifetime!